AB Tutor v8: I get the error message no. 11004 - Unable to Resolve Host Name

Common causes of this error are:

  • The computer name specified in the Group is invalid or does not exist
  • Check the computer name is typed correctly in the Group
  • Check the name exists in your DNS / DHCP server


Try the ping test below to see if your network recognizes the machine name and returns a valid IP address.


  • Launch the Windows command prompt ('Start' - 'Run' - enter 'cmd.exe' and press OK)
  • Enter: ping <computer name> and press ENTER (where <computer name> is the actual hostname - in our example GMS-DSK-006 - of the remote computer)
  • If you get a reply saying the Destination host unreachable then that machine may be switched off or not connected to the network, or there may be a firewall running on it which is blocking ping. Note that by default, the Windows Firewall blocks ping.
  • If you get a reply saying Ping request could not find <computer name>. Please check the name and try again then your network does not recognise that computer name. You should check the spelling of the name or that the computer has been correctly registered on your DNS and DHCP server.