AB Tutor v8: Sometimes AB Tutor seems to allocate names to machines at random

If you try to connect to a computer in one location but end up connecting to a computer in a different class, or a client connects from a Discovery scan, but not from a Group then you have a DNS problem on your network.

To investigate this:

  • Login on to the computer where the Tutor program is installed
  • Launch the Windows command prompt (Start - Run - enter cmd.exe and press OK)
  • Enter: ping <computer name> and press ENTER (where <computer name> is the actual computer name of the remote computer)

  • Note the IP address returned. The ping itself may fail (blocked by the Windows Firewall), but this doesn't matter as long as you get an IP address.
  • Now go to the actual client computer you have just pinged
  • Logon (with admin level rights)
  • Launch the Windows command prompt (Start - Run - enter cmd.exe and press OK)
  • Enter: ipconfig and press ENTER 

  • Note the IP address returned (usually under IP Address or IPv4 Address for your Local Area Connection)
  • If the IP address from the Tutor machine and this IP address are different, then you have a problem with the DNS server not being updated properly by your DHCP server.

You may be able to solve this:

  • Go back to the Tutor machine and open up the Command Prompt Window
  • Type: ipconfig /flushdns and press ENTER
  • Then type: ping <computer name> and see if the IP address returns the correct one found on the actual remote machine.

If the IP addresses are still different, then you need to refer to your DNS/DHCP server to get then to re-sync. Note that flushing the DNS may only be a temporary solution if there are problems with the DNS server.