How can I configure AB Tutor to run through our proxy server

If any computer on which AB Tutor is installed accesses the Internet via a proxy server, then details of the proxy server must be entered into AB Tutors settings.

- Launch AB Tutor and choose 'Connect to external License Server'

- Tick on use proxy server to connect to internet
- Enter the IP address or server name of your proxy server
- Enter the port number used to access the proxy server
- If your proxy server requires authentication, enter the username and password used to access the proxy server.

 If you do not enter a username and password and the proxy server requires authentication, then every time AB Tutor is launched, the person currently logged on will be prompted to enter this information.  To prevent a teacher being prompted for their username and password every time the software is run, we would recommend that you create a dedicated AB Tutor account and enter the username (e.g. ABTutor) and password into the proxy server settings on each copy of the software.