AB Tutor v8: Can I use AB Tutor over a wireless network?

This article applies to:
- AB Tutor v6
- AB Tutor v7
- AB Tutor v8

Yes, you can use AB Tutor over a wireless network. With high bandwidth, reliable connections the software functions as well as in 'wired' environments but with less reliable wireless connections, you may find a slight degrading of performance.

There are three things you need to do to allow AB Tutor to work in a wireless environment:

1. Many wireless routers block most TCP ports by default. AB Tutor uses ports 5151 and 5152 to communicate with its clients. You need to make sure that both these ports are not blocked by your wireless router or firewall. Refer to your router's documentation for information on how to do this.

2. By default, AB Tutor uses the broadcast method of finding clients. However, broadcasting will not function across subnets and also may get blocked in a wireless environment. Instead you need to use the alternative method of finding clients by giving AB Tutor the network ranges where your clients can be found. This is done under 'tools' - 'settings' -'network'.  Here, click on add and you'll be presented with a screen to enter your ranges.  We also recommend that you then use classroom groups to connect to these PCs after connecting once, as this will give you a quicker connection time.