AB Tutor v8: Creating a set of policies that can be copied to each tutor workstation

This article applies to:
- AB Tutor v7
- AB Tutor v8

Most AB Tutor settings (including policies and groups etc.) are stored in a file called ABTutor.xml.  In Windows 7 and newer, this will be found in c:\ProgramData\ABTutor\Tutor.  After you have configured one Tutor program you can copy this file to other Tutor installations so you don’t need to re-enter all the settings each time. By using a command line parameter you can specify where the ABTutor.xml file is located. This allows you to save the file on a shared network drive so all Tutor Control programs can use the same file. 

The syntax is:

-p or /p

E.g for Windows:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\ABTutor\ABTutor.exe" -p n:\shared 

"C:\Program Files (x86)\ABTutor\ABTutor.exe" -p \\server\path\mysettings.xml 

For MacOS, create a shell script in Automator:

open -a "ABTutor" --args -p /Volumes/sharename/directoryonshare

We recommend you protect this file from being changed inadvertently by other Tutor programs and that only the network administrators have control over the settings. Make the file Read Only by using normal NTFS security. Also, for security reasons, only allow known teachers access to this network folder.