I get an Unable to verify your licence warning, but I have valid licences

Every time a registered copy of the software is launched, AB Tutor ‘phones home’ and connects to the licence management system via the Internet to check that the installation that is being run is valid – to ‘verify’ the licence.

You will get the warning AB Tutor failed to verify your licence over the Internet’ if you launch AB Tutor:

- when connections via the Internet to the License Management System are down
- when you have set up a proxy server on a laptop and then take the laptop to somewhere where no proxy is used
- when you block AB Tutor from sending AND receiving communications over the Internet (e.g. via firewalls) or through web filtering software such as SmartFilter. 

The warning message will appear each time you launch AB Tutor and it cannot connect to the Internet.  Once a connection is made, then the 7 day counter will be reset and the warning message will no longer appear.  If however, the number of days remaining steadily decreases from 7 to 0, then AB Tutor will stop functioning and will only work again when a valid connection to the Internet is made.

You must try to find out why your machine is having problems connecting to our web site over the internet.

Do you access the Internet via a Proxy Server?

Yes: To configure the proxy server, launch the AB Tutor program.  (If you have already been locked out, you will need to hold down the Ctrl key whilst double-clicking the AB Tutor icon.)  When the program is running, hold down Ctrl and click on 'Settings' under the 'Tools' menu.

If the machine is shared by multiple teachers and each teacher has to enter their own proxy server username/password, you might like to create a dedicated Proxy Server access account that gets set into the Tutor Program so that teachers are not prompted to enter their details each time the program is launched.

Do you use any Web Filtering software or services (either internally by your organization or via your external ISP)?

Yes: You must make sure that the domain name www.abtutor.com is not blocked or black-listed at any point (by your firewall or your ISP's).