Can I try out AB Tutor without purchasing it

AB Tutor can be trialled for 30 days free of charge.  For your free trial, click on 'register' under 'my account' on the left hand pane of our website.  Once you have an account you can click on 'request download' and you then receive download details via email.

Once you have installed the software, you will need to activate it (you only need to activate the tutor program - you do not need to activate the client software).

When you first log into your Central Server's web interface navigate to 

  • Server Settings
  • If your internet connection requires a proxy server first go to 'Proxy' and fill out your proxy settings there.
  • Licence
  • Select 'Create a 30 day trial'
  • Enter your website username and password.
  • Select Activate

if the automatic activation fails, AB Tutor can be activated via the website.

  • Select No Internet connection.
  • Copy the code from the top box to the Activate Trial page on the AB Tutor website.
  • Copy the returned code from the website to the second box in AB Tutor.
  • Select Activate