AB Tutor v8: Shared Settings File for Tutors

This article applies to:
- AB Tutor v8

By using a command line parameter you can specify where the ABTutor.xml file is located. This allows you to save the file on a shared network drive so all tutor programs can use the same file. To do this, copy the abtutor.xml file from the admin machine to a network share. The config file can be found in the following locations:
  • Windows: c:\programdata\abtutor\tutor
  • Mac: /etc/abtutor/tutor
The file on the network share should be readable by all teachers, but not writable. We also recommend ensuring students don't have any access.

Edit the AB Tutor shortcut on the admin machine, adding:
-p \\server\path\to\xml\file
on the Target:
  • Windows: "C:\Program Files\ABTutor\ABTutor.exe" -p n:\shared
  • Mac: open -a "ABTutor" --args -p /home/user/abtfiles
Repeat on teacher machines, or (for Windows) push the modified shortcut out using AD or ABT. Give the Tutor password to all teachers who will use AB Tutor.