AB Tutor v9: What are the minimum specifications for AB Tutor v9 Central Server

The minimum recommended system specifications for AB Tutor v9 Central server are:

This article applies to:
- AB Central Server

2.4ghz Dual Core
20GB free HDD space 
Server version of Windows

These specs should allow for a few hundred Clients or Consoles. For larger installations we recommend 8GB of RAM and more processor cores.

The HDD requirement will depend on what events are stored and whether they are stored with screenshots/video. The events themselves are very small, however video can range from 0.5MB/minute for 720p with no movement up to 20MB/minute for a 5k screen with significant movement. We recommend you allow 1GB per hour. Screenshots are smaller, from 50k for a 720p jpg to 1MB for a 5k png. You can select between jpg and png on the Server's Web Interface by going to Device Settings and General