AB Tutor v9: Error 574 during installation

Error 574

If "Error 574" is displayed during installation it means that the installer has been unable to contact the Central Server to download the files for the Console/Client. There are a few possible causes:

  • The DNS server on the site has not been configured to point abcs at the Central Server. This is the recommended way of setting up AB Tutor as it allows the installer to be run without any modifications (as abcs is the default location) and it makes it easier to move the server in the future, if required.  
  • If it's not possible to set abcs to point to the Central Server, the server's hostname or IP address can be specified during install. One of these two must be done, but not both.  
  • Access may be blocked by something on the network - perhaps a firewall. Please ensure that the firewall on the server is set to allow access to the server service on port 5151. This can be tested by trying to access the Central Server's web interface from the Console/Client.  
  • If web access works, but the installer doesn't, it could be because the server is being accessed by a different hostname to the expected one. If this is the case, you will need to add this hostname to the list in "server settings, advanced, alternative hostnames". Then click "save" and "generate new certificate".