Does AB Tutor support Bring your Own Device (BYOD) ?

AB Tutor can be installed on a machine brought in by a student and will function the same as if it was installed on a machine provided by the school. 

However when doing this we expect customers to respect the privacy of their students out of hours. Any policies applied to BYODs should include conditions to ensure that they're not in effect outside of school hours. There are several ways to configure a policy so that they're not active when the machine is being used outside of school.

  • Policy condition: Schedule
  • Policy condition: Networks
  • Policy effective: Enable Privacy


This causes the policy to only be active during specified hours.


This causes the policy to only be active when connected on specified networks. Alternatively the policy only takes effect when not connected on a specified set of networks.


When this option is enabled and the option 'Require User's permission to Watch their session' is enabled then client will not upload thumbnails and session data to the central Server, preventing Console users from seeing it. In conjunction with the two conditions above this can be used to protect the student's privacy outside of school. 

It should be noted that when a privacy policy is applied to a Device/Student that does not prevent the monitoring of other policies, such as Keyword Monitoring.