AB Tutor v9: My Central Server is running slowly

If your Central Server becomes slow to respond there can be a number of different causes.

AB Tutor client was installed onto a desktop that was cloned without having deleting the programData directory

When the client is installed it will generate a unique identifier for that machine. If this identifier is shared across multiple devices the Central Server will think multiple machines are the same device. This will cause the devices to overwrite each other's data, causing a DOS effect on the Server and will cause those clients to never appear as online.

The way to resolve this is is to remove this unique identifier from all the affect clients and restarting the AB Client Server. Then go through the process of registering those clients again. Removing this unique identifier is accomplished by deleting the following directory: C:\ProgramData\ABTutor\Client\state

Event archiving isn't enabled on the Central Server while heavy logging policies are in use

If you use policies and log a lot of activity on student's behaviour they are stored inside a database on the Server. The larger this database gets the more of a performance cost is involved when interacting with it. This database file can be found inside the following location: C:\ProgramData\ABTutor\Server\database\database\ablogdb.sqlite3
It's recommended to turn on event archiving inside your Central Server's web UI before this occurs. The option to enable this can be found inside:

  • Server Settings
  • Archive Settings
  • Toggle the 'Enable Archiving' and configure events to be archived after one week.

The Server will archive events every hour. There may be a delay between enabling this option and events moving moved to an archive.

If none of these options helped please email support@abtutor.com for further assistance.