How can a student initiate chat with AB Tutor v8

This article applies to:
- AB Tutor v8

The only way a student can initiate chat with the tutor is if an 'Enable Privacy Policy' has been set.  To create a privacy policy, follow the steps below:
1. Click right on 'All Policies to create a new policy and select Enable Privacy

Depending on how your administrator has set up AB Tutor, it is possible that if you are logging on as a tutor, you may not have access to the Policy Manager.  

2. Choose whether you want to set a temporary or permanent policy.
3. You will be given the choice of 3 privacy settings:

a. Indicate to User that a Tutor is connected.

This informs the client that a tutor program is connected to their computer, but does not tell them if or when they are being watched. They will see a small AB Tutor icon in their system tray. If the client right-clicks on this icon, they can initiate a chat.

b. Indicate to User that a tutor is Watching.

This is the same as the above option, with the additional feature that when the client is actually being watched by a tutor, the eye blinks.

c. Allow User to block Tutor from Watching.

This is the highest of the privacy settings. It allows the client to know that a tutor is connected and also when they are watching.  Additionally it allows the client to block a watch by right-clicking on the icon in the system tray.  When a client does this, a red 'no entry' sign will appear on the tutor's watch screen and the tutor will be unable to see the client.